about me

brighella (any pronouns)

trading since november 2022




ratios are 1 audio:1 audio, 1 video:2 audios, 1 video:1 video unless stated otherwise (i'm also flexible with ratios)

all dates are listed in year / month / day format.

any information not listed (masters, locations) are unknown.

stuff i list after "notes:" is sourced either from encora, the master, or the trader from whom i received the recording.

i use mega, and occasionally google drive to share files. when i'm on the receiving end, anything from which i can safely download files is fine. i do not accept streaming links or poor rips.

i have not listened to nor watched everything in my collection, so please note that there may be errors in information regarding a recording. if you receive something and notice descrpancies with my notes, then i'd appreciate if you could let me know!

if you have any inquiries regarding my versions of specific recordings or files (additional details or video screenshots), feel free to reach out as well.

don't hesitate to reach out of anything in my collection is available and piques your interest if i'm open for trades, regardless of whether you have anything from my wants!

i am always seeking better quality versions of recordings i already have. please reach out if you think you might have a different version of a recording from me!

please message me in english; elsewise, i can speak botched chinese and i have a fading knowledge of latin from middle school.

i don't spend as much time trading as i used to, so please be patient when waiting for a response. that being said, i do tend to reply to trade requests with a confirmation/denial, so if i have not responded for a while then feel free to follow up or send a new email in case i read it and forgot to respond, or it went to my spam folder.

i do also have discord and will respond to trade requests on there if that's more efficient for you. i would prefer not openly displaying my discord account, so you'll have to find me! i am in several trading/theater servers. i prefer email if possible though, since it's easier to keep everything organized.